Zwaluw #36 – 11/3/19

Selection by Arne Daneels, the Oerwout DJ & Lubacov. Broadcast on on March 11th, 2019. Dutch spoken.

Zwaluw – Intro
Don Croissant – Me And The Devil
Tiny Legs Tim – On More Chance
Durand Jones & The Indications – Circles
Miles Bonny – The World Outside – Baby Heartbeat Song
Solange – Almeda
Busta Rhymes – Coming Off
J-Walk – French Letter
Barda – Mofletes
Jibóia – Diapente
Marabout Orkestra – L’Affreux Beat
Mueveloreina – Tiki Tiki
Wiley – Don’t Bread Me
Spoek Mathambo & Batuk – I Hang On You
Rey Sapienz – Eya Eya 6600 Volt
Nkisi – III
Kelman Duran – 6 De La Mañana

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